The iMagBond is a magnet powered CNC aluminum made, smartphone dashboard, air vents, CD-slot stands designed to make your daily commute as well as longer trips easier and safer. 

Why Do You Need iMagBond?

1. High-End beautiful, solid CNC anodized aluminum made,  not plastic.

2. Dashboard, Vent and CD-Slot( Patent pending ) are available.

3.  It is universal, good for any smartphones and portable devices.

4. Magnetic Hands-free, quick attach/detach.

5. Compatible with Tripod.

Why iMagBond is Unique? 

1. Luxury car needs luxury phone mount, there are no luxury phone mounts in the market, all iMagBond mounts are made of beautiful anodized aluminum by CNC machine.

2. Dashboard, air vent and CD-slot mounts give you maximum option for the location.

3.  CD-Slot mount is designed with minimum  360 swivel base, and has looking feel of integration of car control panel, CD player is able to play while CD-slot mount is installed.

4. iMagBond's  Magnetic head has standard thread of tripod, can be easily mounted to tripod, you got a extra cellphone tripod mounting!

5. Dashboard mount can be used at home, table, and wall anywhere.


Whether you want to use your smartphone for navigation on a road trip, or to call hands-free while getting your morning coffee at the drive-thru, we know the iMagBond can help you accomplish these tasks much more easily, and more importantly, safely.

iMagBond  Application

iMagbond dashboard mount 

visible phone callin-updatedashboard-camera update

iMagbond CD-Slot mount, Patent pending product

cd-slot mount1cd-iphone6


iMagbond vent mount, 


Universal vent mount is good for the most  of vents of cars,  Each iMagBond part can be used separately for tripods, head and base have standard camera thread.

life with imagbond

iMagBond can be mounted on the wall of kitchen, food table, office desk... 

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