The iMagBond is a magnet powered smartphone stand designed to make your daily commute as well as longer trips easier and safer. 

What made us first want to make such a product is that no smartphone in-vehicle stand on the market had all the features we thought it should have.


Current Market Inadequacies:


Many current smartphone vehicle mounts require the use of two hands to detach or attach, were made out of plastic, which degrades under sunlight, or simply did not give the user enough choices about its location.

With the advent of state laws prohibiting the use of a cellphone with your hands, we noticed that many drivers tend to call while driving using the speakerphone feature but still holding the phone in their hands. This practice, while reducing the chance that the driver will be pulled over by law enforcement, retains the safety risk of holding a cellphone while driving. 

We designed the iMagBond to allow for easy hands-free calling with either in-vehicle Bluetooth or speakerphone. No more setting your phone down out of range of the microphone during a call or having safety concerns calling while driving. 

We wanted to include both safety and convenience improvements such as: 

  • Using your phone for navigation and being able to take it off with a simple one-handed motion when you need to stop during your drive or upon reaching your destination. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing cast aluminum construction. 
  • Calling while going through the drive-thru, maybe on your morning commute for that cup of hot coffee or for the hassle-free snack after work. 

Whether you want to use your smartphone for navigation on a road trip, or to call hands-free while getting your morning coffee at the drive-thru, we know the iMagBond can help you accomplish these tasks much more easily, and more importantly, safely.

With iMagBond, The products with features and improvements including: 

  • Aesthetically pleasing and durable matte cast aluminum construction. - Can be placed on the dash, by an air vent, and with or without the swivel base. 
  • Easy one-handed motion attach/detach. 
  • Magnetic attachment surface easily detachable for versatility. Can be used in the home. Thank you for your consideration and support, we will strive to work with each and every one of you to make sure we exceed your expectations. 

iMagBond  Application

imagbond kit

iMagbond dashboard and vent mounting kit

visible phone callin-update

Know who call-in without touching phone

dashboard-camera update

Dashboard camera records all event 

Navigation update

GPS gives you real time direction


Universal vent mount is good for the most  of vents of cars 


Each iMagBond part can be used separately for tripods, head and base have standard camera thread.

life with imagbond

iMagBond can be mounted on the wall of kitchen, food table, office desk... 




Frequently Asked Questions